Flexpenser’s areas of application

Your product and packaging.
Our technology.

Reduce waste and protect the integrity of your product with our elegant designs and patent-pending technology.  We customize simple, sustainable dispensing solutions in full compliance with EU sustainability goals.

Foods & beverages

Flexpenser applicators are perfectly suited for a wide variety of beverages and condiments. Our airless dispensing technology significantly reduces oxidation and the resulting need for added sugar and other preservatives.

Household products

Flexpenser’s exact and automatic dosing eliminates the need to measure, which allows for higher concentration and eliminates waste. Consumers generally use incorrect amounts of household products such as laundry detergents, general-purpose cleaners and dishwashing liquid. This liquid waste contaminates lakes, rivers and aquifers.

Health & beauty

Flexpenser can protect your customers’ skincare investment. Increase the potency of your premium ingredients. Provide them confidence in the longevity and efficacy of your product, while joining with them to decrease our environmental impact.


Flexpenser technology can significantly reduce the waste of liquid medicines. Every year 43% of all liquid medicines are wasted. Much of this waste is hazardous and often disposed of improperly into local water systems. Flexpenser’s airless dispensing technology extends the period after opening (PAO) of pharmaceutical products. With accurate dosing, our technology enables consumers to use the correct amount of medicine every time.

Diagnostic devices

Flexpenser technology is the first and only available solution that uses a microchip that can precisely mimic a micropipette. When we think of diagnostic procedures, we think of clinics, long waiting periods, and tedious and costly laboratory work. A lot of the steps can be eliminated if applying the labwork into a microfluidics device, i.e., from sample preparation to detection. Home testing has been ubiquitous ever since pregnancy tests entered the market. However, a persisting problem is the lack of a device that can mimic what a micropipette can do in a laboratory in a small chip. The application of Flexpenser technology is not limited to microfluidics devices. It can also be used in the laboratory as a low-cost liquid container that has superior features compared to substitutes.

Other industries

Paint and glue harden prematurely. Synthetic oil oxidizes, resulting in premature machinery wear. Flexpenser dispensing technology extends the shelf life of these and other key industrial products. Our engineering team will help industry partners develop innovative, sustainable, and environmentally friendly solutions to improve the longevity and integrity of their products.