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Meet the team

Flexpenser Kewmars Kazemzadeh

Kewmars Kazemzadeh


Kewmars  has a background in mechanical engineering and specialises on design and development of biomedical and microfluidics devices and point-of-care diagnostic systems. He holds a PhD in biomedical engineering and was a researcher at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden’s renown technical institute.

He is an independent, team player and a visionary with 17 years of experience in design and engineering. Kewmars-Amin is a sociable, critical thinker and innovative with several innovations. He is passionate about efficient and elegant technologies that lead to a green lifestyle. Attempting to solve a vexing problem in microfluidics which was the lack of “long-term storage and release of reagents” on a microfluidics chip, he invented Flexpenser’s airtight dispensing technology.

Giulia Gaudenzi


Giulia has a unique combination of scientific, leadership, and social skills. She is enthusiastic and interested in latest technologies and human-centered design. She holds a PhD in medicine from Scandinavian’s best medical school, the Karolinska Institutet, on Neuroscience and Biotechnology. She has co-led international projects in global health for sustainable development.

Giulia is also pursuing a LLM in Medical Law at the University of Edinburgh and has been awarded a diploma in Social Entrepreneurship and Leadership from the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship. She currently leads research development of diagnostic at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Her research has been funded by the Swedish Research Council and the Swedish Medical Society. Giulia is motivated, independent, a team-player and adventurous. She enjoys captaining her sailing boat, skiing or trekking in the wilderness.

Forrest Putnam

Design and development engineering

Forrest obtained a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from Cedarville University in 2022 with interests in the areas of solid and fluid mechanics. Combined, these fields of interest are relevant to Flexpenser and the developing field of fluid solid interaction simulation, which Forrest plans to further study in graduate school.

He is an avid explorer and learner with a history of working on small exemplary engineering competition teams that performed beyond expectations in high school and college through FIRST Robotics and the NASA Student Launch Competition as a critical and innovative team player, and whose contributions are still impacting the teams today. Before the NASA team had even completed the competition they were respected; they were one of less than five teams in the history of the competition to enter as rookies on their first application.

Forrest was intrigued when introduced to the company for its small team atmosphere and its mission toward a greener lifestyle through a viable and innovative approach. Off this information alone he worked with Flexpenser doing prototype development and testing remotely the summer before his senior year of undergraduate and is now continuing to work with the team.

Robert Bouwens

Business advisor

Robert is Flexpenser’s business advisor. He received a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Cedarville University and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Dallas.

Since 1998, Robert has developed new multi million dollar engineering and high technology businesses in aerospace and energy. He has a passion for international partnerships bringing high value to customers and suppliers. He has built relationships through the growth of mutually beneficial business in Japan, China, SE Asia, Europe, North and South America.

Robert loves to stay active during his international travels and goes out of his way to commute by bicycle, whenever possible.

Flexpenser John van Dinther

John van Dinther

Business Advisor

John is an engaged and committed entrepreneur within our expanded team. He has a passion for purposeful networking for important causes, projects, NGO’s and businesses. During many years he has mentored leaders and teams internationally. He has lectured on subjects such as leadership, teams, diversity, equality and business at different universities and venues in Sweden, the Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Germany, France, Hungary, USA, and Mongolia. John’s large International network gives him access to numerous contacts within diverse industries. He has also worked effectively with multiple partners throughout the world in different projects.

His training and work with people and organisations in many countries has given him much experience in team building and entrepreneurial endeavours. He has initiated start-ups which developed to growing organisations where he worked among others with leadership, multi- and inter-cultural relationships and team development. He has also created legal and organisational structures within those entities.